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NEW YORK STATE (October 4, 2013) – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles 10.03.13.attachment.DMV License Release (DMV) is now offering qualified veterans the option of having their status as a veteran indicated on their New York State driver license, permit or non-driver identification card. The Governor signed legislation last year that directed the DMV to make the veteran’s status available to all honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces who apply for the designation on a DMV issued photo document.

“The men and women of the armed forces have sacrificed so much for our state and nation, and it is only appropriate that we do everything we can to support them,” Governor Cuomo said. “Allowing veterans to have their status indicated on their driver licenses, permits or non-driver IDs will not only make it easier for them to receive the benefits to which they are entitled, but also provides another way for them to show their pride in having honorably served our country.”

In order to obtain this status from the DMV, applicants must mark the appropriate box on the application form (MV-44 or MV-2) and show their original Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD-214) which states either “Honorable” or “Under Honorable Conditions” in the “Character of service” section. Eligible veterans who request to have this status from the DMV will have the word “Veteran” printed on the upper left corner of their newly issued driver license, permit or non-driver ID.

There are no additional fees for qualified veterans to receive the status on their driver license or non-driver ID. However, the regular fees for an original license or non-driver ID, a license or non-driver ID renewal or a duplicate driver license or non-driver ID still apply. Applicants may apply either through the mail at renewal time (a photocopy of the DD-214 form is acceptable) or by visiting their local DMV office for a renewal or replacement document. The licenses cannot be ordered by phone or online.

Many local businesses across the state currently provide discounts to veterans. This option makes it simpler and more convenient for veterans to show and verify to a business their status as veterans without having to carry multiple forms of identification.

For more information on the veteran’s status option, visit the DMV website athttp://www.dmv.ny.gov/armedforces.htm#vetstat

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