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Video encourages viewers to embrace the natural beauty, rich culture of the Catskill region

THE CATSKILLS, NY (January 13, 2014) — The Catskills Association for Tourism Services (CATS) has released a video highlighting the region’s outstanding travel opportunities for people across the Northeast and around the country.

Using images of everything from the region’s quaint main street charm to its exciting outdoor adventures, the newly released video showcases the lively atmosphere of the Catskill Mountains and invites visitors to make themselves at home. The area features prime spots for rafting, kayaking, hiking and camping, along with more than 200 lodging options that fit all needs and budgets.

“We are very proud of what we have to offer in the Catskills, and this video is a great way to position the region as a tourism destination for people all across the United States,” said CATS President Richard J. Remsnyder, who is also director of Ulster County Tourism. “The video captures the essence of our region and introduces viewers to the many reasons why they should consider the Catskills for their next trip or vacation.”

“This video is a testimonial to the wonderful things to see and do in the Catskills region,” said Jim Thomson, vice president of CATS and Tourism Director for the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. “We have so much to offer visitors and this video is an excellent way to market the region in a very visual way.”

The video was a collaborative effort between the counties of Delaware, Greene, Sullivan and Ulster, which pooled their resources to showcase the rich topographies, recreational activities and picturesque town centers of the region. It focuses on what the Catskills have to offer visitors today, with the use of hashtags throughout to connect the narrative to the organization’s robust social media campaign. CATS worked with Goshen-based Focus Media and Kingston’s The Ellenbogen Group to complete the video.

Nearly 5 million people come to the Catskills each year to relax at a local resort, hike the numerous scenic trails and explore the more than 350 years of heritage and history the region has to offer. On its website, the association offers travel ideas, an extensive list of activities and vacation packages for families and individuals who are planning their next trip.

In addition to the nearly endless outdoor recreational opportunities, visitors can enjoy locally grown produce from community farmers at a seasonal farmer’s market or on the menu of the many charming, family-owned restaurants. There are also numerous attractions, such as vineyards, distilleries, museums, art galleries, cultural centers and more.

“There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty and rich culture we have in this region, making the Catskills the perfect place to bring the whole family for an unforgettable trip,” Remsnyder said. “Tourism continues to be a major industry here, and we want to make the people who visit our region each year feel welcome and at home in this unique area of the state.”

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